Friday, February 03, 2006

Water Messages

Water is the gift of life.
When I watched the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?", there was a part where the woman went down in the subway. There was a lady talking by some signs. On the signs were different pictures of water crystals. Some of the pictured crystals were beautifully shaped, others were very ugly. The lady said that some Buddhist monks had meditated on the water using different sayings, like "I love you," or "I hate you," etc. The water that had been meditated on with good sayings had the beautifully shaped crystals, and the water with the bad sayings had the ugly crystals. We might want to think about how what we think affects the world. Thoughts are powerful things!


Thom said...

You must have been saying "I love you" to this picture.

RedBark said...

Perhaps there is a way to think a fractal. I mean by using bio-feedback information to adust various parameters.

Castor said...

My, you are incredibly prolific!
I gave up downloading your fractals; they were too numerous.
I guess this is the advantage of digital art.
Speaking of energy, you really have a lot. Which leads me to think that perhaps an enlightened being is not necessarily full of energy all the time, just now and then. Especially when it comes to doing the real thing.
We just lose energy for the things that don't matter anymore.
And my, fractals do matter for you! And why not?

Pollux said...

Be Now,
It's been a while, since we mentioned anything to each other.
Been to your blog and discovered where I could record your music.
It was fantastic! Nice to hear you singing. Do you actually speak German?
Wish I could do something like that. Been too busy lately with lots of thing, so I can't do any recording. Perhaps I'll try recording some Filipino, Dutch, Frissian, and English songs as soon as I have the time. Well, I'm really into ventriloquism, which I am not very good at. In a trance, I can do much better but I don't like going into a trance. Being drunk is a a lot safer.
Pardon me, Stacey.

Trée said...

Stacey, I really like the work you are doing with UF4. These images are just flat out fantastic.

Franklin said...

It is my belief that an "enlightened" or spiritually knowledgable person can be as full of energy, joy or happiness as they choose to be at any given time.