Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Homosexual Primeval Man?

I have received two philosophical questions from a man named "K.". We thought we'd post them here and see what your reaction and/or response might be to the questions.

"What if Adam or Eve had been gay? How did God engineer it so they were not?"

Think on it and give it a shot. :)


Imemine said...

By creating Eve first and giving her a male body.
Well, I'll think about it.

anonymous julie said...

Take this flippantly:

Nobody else was there, so their options were limited. *wink*

Rob said...

Adam: "I need a female companion."
God: "It will cost you an arm and a leg."
Adam, " What would I get for a rib?".

Imemine said...

Rob just gave me an idea:
Adam: "I need a male companion."
God: "It will cost you your manhood."
Adam: "Then turn me into a woman."
So it happened. Adam became the first transexual. And Eve wore the trousers.

m-u said...

by making incest and bestiality a sin?