Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Getting Rid of Negative Energy

You'd be surprised to find out what the source of negative energy is. You can place the blame on external factors but you would only be shirking taking responsibility for what is truly the source of the negative energy, which is YOU. You cannot control external events, but you can control your reaction to them.

What you focus on is what you give power. What you allow to affect you you give power.

The best psychic self-protection you can engage in is to use Will power, and to choose what type of energetic entity you wish to feed and which you wish to starve. Do you wish to live in a state of grief, or would you rather free yourself from it?

A quote which I think serves the subject nicely is, "You can't control the wind but you can adjust your sails."

I have said some things along similar lines on my current blog. The specific post of which I speak can be found here:


Laurel said...

Are you really searching for a mentor? I think your definitions of teacher and student are too narrow. If I have learned anything from Scrubs it's that Sarah Chalke has great hair and I want to call my husband Brown Bear.
And that students eventually become teachers. It's neccessary to don both hats simultaneously to gain true understanding of any subject. You attribute your stagnant year to being teacherless. Perhaps it was because you were studentless. You underestimate yourself, Stacey.

Chris said...


Mark said...

I'm beginning to wonder if this will get read or be heard but here it goes anyway - atleast one more time.

Just the idea of negative energy itself has to be viewed in context to have any meaning. Obviously, what is typically meant is that it is negative to the human organism, but frankly what do you think enlightenment does to you? If it is a death of a separate self, then it can be a threat to your survival instincts, and that would involve your biological hardwiring.

So I'm not saying you should be passive and let yourself be affected negatively, but it's not always going to feel positive. And there is something to be said for recognizing it as a natural process rather than an artificial one where the teacher is challenging to the student. But if that was the case and the teacher is simply there to clarify the truth, then they wouldn't be pushing you. You will have to dig and go deep. Being vulnerable is a part of it, frankly it's not a safe thing.

Ideas like "strength" and "growth" only makes sense from a separate, relative perspective. I actually do energy work, and unlike some I have no problem having other energy which can be considered negative pass through me because I don't hang on to it, it just goes away by itself. So strength doesn't apply in that case, it's not this resistive thing like I need to have a force field or something. (nor would it involve getting past your defenses) That's why we say energy itself is neither positive or negative. And since the kind of path I am familiar with is the 'direct' path, I don't really relate to growth - although I recognize that is a process that one goes through. The thing is, how can you make a kid grow up faster? I mean maybe you can make sure he eats his Wheaties and stuff like that, but growth itself is a natural process. So the direct method focuses on the realization, but there is still a matter of deepening it - which is really just a matter of how functional you are in a way. But people can be very functional spiritually and still be caught in this perspective of separation, and that is nothing but ego in spiritual dress.

Mark said...

I am reminded of something my teacher said which was put on a keychain for the office bathroom at one time: "Egos don't get annihilated. They just pass - like gas."

Nondualreality said...

You make a good point laurel, i think that everyone has the potential to be both student and teacher to everyone they interact with.

Stacey, good on you for removing the negative influence from your journey. You know deep inside yourself what is the right thing for you at this time.

Reality is a wide, vast, magical thing, im sure the teacher that you are searching for will appear before too long.

Alcuin Bramerton said...

You sound like a woman who needs to eat more chocolate.

nobody said...

Stacey, an honest note - not to offend you or anything similar - just writing this because you seem to be a genuine person longing for the truth... most people will not mention this to you...

Just my 2 cents... none of my business... still... you seem to be exposing too much about yourself on the net... there are all kinds of people on the net posing as spiritual people... you are an attractive young lady and this attracts many people to your blog, etc... some more caution might be advisable... sorry, again, none of my business... just my honest ...

also, for getting a "true" spiritual Master, you will need to change your lifestyle to suit the "real and true" teachings of the Master... not the other way around... you will need to make yourself compatible... the truth is out there... not in esoteric stuff... in something else...

apologize for any offences in advance...

Bernadette Schaepdryver said...

Yes, Nobody you make a lot of sense. Whether you let you be taught by a teacher of this world or by G-d directly Himself,the message is at the end the same in that you will come to the point of fulfilling what the teacher has wanted from you all along.

With a teacher of the world, this can go the wrong or negative way; sometimes very badly as we all know from those sects who go into a collective suicide; but also the right or positive one. And with G-d you have only one direction possible, even when it can seems to go on a negative course as well sometimes. Hence, we wouldn't have ups and downs in our believing in G-d when this would not be the case.

But from Him we know that we can trust Him. We feel that He is good, even when we sometimes would feel the opposite while there will always in the depth of our heart be something, a light, that says otherwise. Therefore it's very important for a teacher of this world not to act towards his/her students as if s/he is G-d or trying to emanate Him. No human is and can become it.

Like it is said, it's not the teacher who you have to thank for coming closer to G-d, but G-d Himself who brought the right teacher to you when so, like He brought Moshe to the Jewish People and not the other way around in that Moshe brought G-d to the Jewish People. But in the case of G-d, you eventually will not have to try to come to terms with what G-d for instance wants from you, but to learn how He (G-d thus)hopes that you become who you have always been since birth.

Sometimes it can be in the form of yes, a teacher or just simply a person in this world and often it's G-d directly who does it by all kind of things that are happening around you. You know, the five senses wherewith you can investigate in a way of speaking to what happens around you and how you will decide on it, namely the egoistic way or by the altruistic option.

But Stacey, in the world of nature you always have to find a balance between the - and the +, meaning the negative and the positive, the yin and the yan as they say. I think the chinese or buddhist can give a more precise explination of how it is explained, but the summary of the yin and yan based on the very few things I heard about it is that for a better health, I would not say perfect, a person should try to get the yin and the yan in perfect balance to each other, a perfect harmony so to speak.

It's a bit like you standing on the neutral line within the teachings of Kabbalah and the yin standing right while the yan left. And only when you would acquire the sixth sense, there can arrise a truly perfect harmony when both yin and yan become one whole within you.

So in a way, you notice that other form of beliefs, even that Buddhism is not seen as a religion, rather a choice of life, can have very similar directions that others have chosen as well. Nevertheless, there is only one choice available with regard to the learning to acquire the sixth sense and that is learning to accept who G-d is, not in how the world portrays Him or you does, but how He does show it to you with love, kindness and patience.

It's for us humans to ask ourselves: Can we act in the same way to Him in a fully altruistic environment?

Can we give Him the pleasure He hopes to receive from us while we at the same time will have the pleasure of knowing always that we have enjoyed His heart?

It's not easy and it will need perseverance from our side, but impossible it's certainly not.

Sometimes a right teacher can him-/herself be stuck on a certain level s/he has reached and can't elevate his/her student above that level. In such a circumstance the teacher and the student will need to learn from one who has achieved a higher level already so that both can grow until there is only one teacher left and that's G-d Himself who by the way will have always been around throughout the entire learning process from one level to another one.

So thank G-d for that, not someone else, even your teacher.

Imemine said...

What kind of teacher are you looking for anyway?
You have to find someone who you think is enlightened, and try to follow his example. You don't have to have a teacher-student relationship. Personally this kind of relationship is damaging and does not lead to enlightenment but just self-aggrandizement of the teacher and self-abasement of the student. Spiritual slavery and bondage.
This will never be a healthy relationship.
Anyone who gives himself up as teacher is being presumptuous. At least this is my idea.
If it is Jewish or Kabbalistic mysticism you want to explore; why not go to a rabbi. And find out what altruism is all about. If it is possible at all. To try to gain some divine powers with egoistic or selfish reasons would be dangerous. Any genuine divine power could only be manifested out of unselfish and loving motive. To force anything could only lead to the abuse of power, in this case, negative or destructive powers.
I also have the idea that total altruism cannot be cultivated. It can only lead to self-righteousness and even hypocrisy.
To repress or suppress the normal functions of the ego can lead to morbid self-consciousness and self-absorption.
Just my opinion. But think about it.
If it is love you you are looking for, are there not enough people out there who deserve your love? What about platonic love, if you haven't found the right guy yet?
All these things take time to develop. If it doesn't, why, there are a lot of people who really care about you.

Mark said...

One addition to the previous message - you will know if something that feels 'negative' is actually not - but it can be intense if you are undergoing a spiritual transformation. After all we're not just talking about a matter of changing belief systems.

fyi - the taiji symbol (the yin/yang) is from Taoism. Interestingly the empty circle is called wuji which basically means creative nothingness and that precedes the taiji. You might recall the empty circle is also in zen, which is of course influenced by both Taoism and Buddhism.

ThreeWolves said...

Often it is when we feel like we are getting no where that we are changing the most. LOL.

ThreeWolves said...

To find a teach there are two ways. Often they find you when you are ready. One is to set out the intent that you want one and that you are willing to do the work. The other way is to join a path of power. There are many orders and mystery schools out there. Where do you feel drawn. To find a path of power to commit one's life to the life of becoming an enlightened master is a lever 10 on the Dharma meter. LOL. Take actions to make it happen. Search things out, join groups, do workshops where you are led, get active, then out of the blue probably you will get hit with something or meet someone that feel absolutley right. This will mean you probably would have allready had a contract for this to happen. Have a good Hunt!

Mark said...

And don't forget your rifle and scope. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey,
I don't actually know much about this site but my colleague and I are having a difficult time being positive today and I wanted to see if there were any tips for us out there. Also, I broke up with my boyfriend amonth ago and I was really proud of myself but the feeling wore off and then he sent me an email today saying he's really unhappy and he loves me and doesn't that count for anything. And I guess I haven't fully taken responsibility of the choice I made because all day I've been torturing myself with what if's and general horrible indecisiveness. So imagine my delight and relief when I stumbled upon your story which sounds so similar. To make a long story short, I just wanted to thank you because that is exactly how I feel (not wanting to let my happiness slip away because of emotions...what you said) and it's just made my day to hear someone else say it, at exactly the right time! And good luck with finding your teacher. You sound like a strong and sensitive person so I'm not worried for you:).
Much love,

Jurgen said...

We all need negative energy to enjoy the positive!

what is enlightenment said...

Getting rid of negative energy feelings or emotions requires that you first observe and except them . when you first allow yourself to have the feeling then you are free to release it and let it go, but it start with observing and questioning your own thoughts and deciding if those thoughts are productive or not .

ian Christian said...

I have something that will help incredibly my friend...

Anonymous said...

In our life time, each one of us as humans, experience fear, anger, envy, sadness, insecurity and many other negative emotions and thoughts. These thoughts turn us into fearful people with doubts and insecurity. All these emotions and thoughts cover our real, beautiful inner nature.